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HP CQ40 Laptop 6 Cell Battery - (KS524AA)

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New Genuine HP CQ40 Laptop 6 Cell Battery - (KS524AA)

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    HP CQ40 Laptop 6 Cell Battery - (KS524AA)


Key Features

Offers consistent power for reliable performance

Specifications Of  HP CQ40 Laptop 6 Cell Battery - KS524AA

Model Id CQ40, CQ50
Number Of Cells 6
In The Box Laptop Battery, CareGuide
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Color Black
Condition New
Brand HP
Category Laptop Battery
Power Specifications  
Capacity 4400 mAh
Voltage 10.8 V
Warranty Period  1 Year
Not Covered It does not include defects due to external causes, Weakening in back up capacity over time, accidental or physical damages.
Warranty Type Customer needs to Contact us, In case of any issues or discrepancy

Compatible Models

  • HP CQ40 Laptop Battery
  • HP CQ50 Laptop Battery
Notes / Disclaimer : The Product selling in laptopbatteryprice.in are 100% genuine. Also the price mentioned above are best price, with one year warranty. In case of any issues or discrepancy please contact us - +91 7200 7700 11


Additional Information

Model HP CQ40 Laptop 6 Cell Battery - (KS524AA)
Battery Care Tips

HP CQ40 Laptop Battery Care Tips :

1) Maximize HP CQ40 Laptop Battery Life
The component that consumes the most HP CQ40 laptop battery power of your laptop is its screen. To ensure maximum possible run time of your HP CQ40 laptop battery, be sure to dim your display whenever possible and especially when you aren’t connected to an AC supply.

           In addition to that, disabling services such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connections when they aren’t being used will also save you valuable HP CQ40 laptop battery power. Disconnecting external devices like USB flash drives when you’re done transferring data to or from them will also extend HP CQ40 laptop battery life.

2) Never Charge Your HP CQ40 Laptop Battery Constantly :
A HP CQ40 laptop battery constantly kept at full charge will degrade at a faster rate, hence never keep your HP CQ40 laptop (and its battery) connected to mains constantly. If you connect your laptop to an AC supply most of the time, the HP CQ40 laptop battery’s capacity to hold charge will reduce quicker than normal.

            Plug a HP CQ40 laptop’s battery for charging when the charge drains below 15% and try not to unplug the laptop’s battery while it’s in the middle of its charging cycle. Also remember that fully discharging a HP CQ40 laptop battery isn’t recommended as it stresses the Li-ion battery and can be harmful.

3) Don’t Remove Your HP CQ40 Laptop Battery When it’s plugged into a power source :
We’ve seen some people do this -- they charge their laptop battery to the max and unplug the battery while working on their laptop connected to AC mains. They do this to have a fully-charged HP CQ40 laptop battery whenever they have to move away from the power source and have to use their laptop on the go.

          This practice can lead to your laptop shutting down involuntarily if there’s a power cut in your neighborhood. Only remove the HP CQ40 laptop battery from your laptop (when it’s connected to mains) if your laptop’s overheating (around 60 C and above) and don’t make it a habit of working on your laptop constantly connected to AC supply, allow your laptop HP CQ40 laptop battery to charge and discharge periodically.

4) Store a HP CQ40 laptop battery in a cool place :
If you don’t intend to use your laptop for more than two weeks or if you have an extra HP CQ40 laptop battery that won’t be used for a long time, make sure you get the HP CQ40 laptop battery level down to 50 percent charge before unplugging it from your laptop. And remember to store it in a cool place.

         Because heat causes a HP CQ40 laptop battery to degrade at a faster rate, hence it’s always best to minimize the HP CQ40 laptop battery’s exposure to heat. Make sure you aren’t blocking the laptop’s heat vents when working on it from your lap. Also some laptops come with Intel’s Advanced Cooling Technology to improve airflow so that it can run cooler. Avoid storing your laptop in a car for long where it can easily overheat.

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